For most businesses, email marketing is a staple part of their overall marketing strategy. The beauty of email marketing is it’s easy, cost effective and hits a broad audience. For mass awareness and marketing within your network email campaigns has been one of the best systems, and one that is often heavily leaned on. Gathering contacts has been reasonably straight forward with mass databases, implicit contact form sign ups and networking. However, once these new regulations come into power things are going to change.

With the new GDPR regulations being enforced as of the 25th May 2018, it’s time to get organised and prepare for these changes. The GDPR is going to be one of the biggest impacts on data handling and will change how businesses use personal data.

The new law means that individuals must give explicit permission to receive marketing from a business. This is a hugely positive step from the point of the individual but tricky for businesses. No longer will businesses be allowed to use data based on implicit permission, such as they are a current/former customer so you can use their data for marketing. You even can’t have individual opt in to marketing by default and have to actively unsubscribe. The nature of this new law applies to both new data gathered and current data held so in terms of your businesses marketing data you are likely going to need to overhaul everything! When the potential penalties for breaking these laws are in the millions of pounds it is better to be safe than sorry!

Though the GDPR feels daunting it does pose an opportunity for your business. This is an opportunity to fully review your email marketing strategy and plan your communication. Before the 25th May here’s what you should do:


Educate yourself

Be proactive and start now

Get organised with your data

Know your database and what they’re interested in


Email marketing has long been used without a great deal of deep consideration. It’s been a cost effective, easy and swift means to communicate to your target audience. However, because of this it’s often overused. With the individual now having better control in what communication they receive, you in turn will have a better idea of what communication you should send and who to. If you are proactive and start building your database in a detailed manner, you will have a better understanding of what messages people will be most receptive to. Target them with the right message and it will have the best impact, rather than communicating to a mass audience with generic messages. Make email marketing work for you.

To find out more about how you can make sure your business is GDPR compliant, please visit  GDPR MK is a partnership between Rachel Allen Marketing and LMD Design.  We are marketers who have read up about the subject and want to make sure businesses know exactly what they  need to do to become compliant.

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