Social Media


These packages can be standalone or purchased alongside my Marketing Management package or Marketing Consultancy service. I have a proven methodology for generating content and increasing followers and gaining worthy engagement.  It does require some commitment from the client each month as we will need to find out what's happening in your inductry and your company, but after that, you can leave the rest to us.



A typical package includes reviewing social media sources in your industry, sharing relevant content, writing blog posts about relevant events and topics to drive traffic to your website, creating and sharing content about your own organisation and a full evaluation each month so that we know what worked best!


If you’re not sure what social media platforms to start with, or if you’re using a few and they aren’t performing, take a look at this blog post or call 07734 886538 or email


You might want to take a look at the testimonials from some previous clients to see how I helped achieve business growth with social media packages.

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